Kaiyuanguantang Hotel Yuelu Shangrao

The Kaiyuanguantang Hotel Yuelu Shangrao is located at the foot of Lingshan Mountain, known as the "33rd Blessed Land in the World", adjacent to the first batch of characteristic towns in Jiangxi - Lingshan Craftsman Town; It is about a 15 minute drive from the urban area of Shangrao.

The Kaiyuanguantang Hotel Yuelu Shangrao has over 100 villa style landscape and cultural themed guest rooms, with dining facilities including full-time specialty restaurants, multifunctional banquet halls, luxurious Chinese style private rooms, and 600 square meters of outdoor lawn; Cultural experience supporting personalized facilities such as tea rooms, book bars, gyms, outdoor swimming pools, etc; A dedicated cultural experience specialist will introduce you to the ancient Huizhou culture and Shangrao intangible cultural heritage culture, taking you personally to participate in various cultural and intangible cultural heritage experience activities, experiencing craftsmen, craftsmanship, and craftsmanship, relaxing your body and mind, and savoring classics.

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